Aceni Success Stories

Aceni Success Stories

Aceni Success Stories


Industry heroes are succeeding with Aceni applications

In organisations across the UK, unsung heroes are transforming time-critical communications with Aceni applications by Datagraphic. They're making multi-channel (print and online) documents a reality in months not years and delivering return-on-investments that make the board proud.  

These professionals don't openly shout about their achievements, but we want to tell their stories.

Operations Aceni heroes

Operations Success Stories

Heroes working in Customer Service, Business Transformation and Operations teams around the UK are reviewing business processes to deliver amazing results with Aceni applications by Datagraphic.

Finance Aceni Heroes

Finance Success Stories

Finance heroes are challenging traditional business processes to deliver an impact on their organisation's bottom line. These people don't openly shout about their achievements, but we want to tell their stories.

HR Aceni Heroes

HR Success Stories

Four examples of how HR leaders have saved time and money using Aceni applications to transform the way their employee documents are created and distributed.

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