Automating Document Control

Automating Document Control

Automating Document Control


Automating your document control

Everyone strives to deliver exceptional customer experiences, but sometimes the simple things undermine the greatest of efforts.

Take customer communications for example. Business leaders can spend large amounts of money and time mapping journeys and understanding customer behaviours; it’s an integral part of an organisation’s strategy and rightly invested in. But delivering accurate on-time documents - via a customer’s preferred channel - is their benchmark of your success. Customers don’t notice the strategic elements that are put into place in the background; but they will notice if their statement or payslip doesn’t arrive on time.

Are your legacy systems restricting you?

Legacy systems which are deep rooted within an organisation are often the machines driving the production of customer communications. However, many of these systems are outdated meaning the documents that are output are restricted in terms of format and design and offer no means of controlling any content prior to delivery. Often, teams need to manually check these documents before despatch - or - they create the documents themselves which not only increases the chance of error, but also reduces productivity, as time is wasted on completing jobs that weren't in their job description.

Why it’s time to start automating document control

Whether documents are generated by multiple legacy systems, or through individual users and departments, the lack of document control is not just compromising customer experience, it’s risking data security and profitability. Switching to an automated process for document control should be your answer.

Document control infographic

We've created a document control infographic to illustrate some common scenarios where document control is problematic. Can you relate to any of the scenarios?

5 Tips to improve your document control

Establishing content and output control in your outbound communications is vital to the success of the relationship you have with your customers. It will help eliminate those document control scenarios that you face on a day to day basis, ensuring your communications are accurate, on-time and communicated via your customer’s preferred channel.

Datagraphic's document automation experts have put together five of their top tips to help organisations successfully control outbound documents. View these document control solutions here.

Automate document control with Aceni

At Datagraphic, our Aceni suite of multi-channel applications help teams control the documents they need to deliver.

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