The Future of Payroll: How the profession can evolve

Analyst, communicator, reward and well-being partner: will these roles define the payroll team of the future? Or will payroll leave traditional operational tasks to automation tools and focus more on strategic and human roles?
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Robotic Process Automation

Why it’s time to embrace Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is just one of the technologies influencing the 4th industrial revolution. Learn what it is, what it isn't, and the six most rewarding business benefits of RPA.
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Vendor Audit – How and what to do

Completing a vendor audit will help you ensure that you're working with the most secure people when transferring customer or employee data. Our free white paper and video series provide guidance to support your audit process and, ultimately, help lead you to better data security.
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Email security

Is email secure?

There is no denying that email is quick, easy and convenient. But with stricter legislation and a society that is becoming very protective (and rightly so) over their own personal data, can you really trust email as a secure mechanism for data transfer?
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Coffee & Managed Print - we like it different!

Managed Print – what’s your chosen blend?

Over the last five years, technology has influenced how documents are generated and has posed several challenges to more traditional methods of printing. As consumers, we now want more than just our milk and two sugars when consuming our print...
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Paperless with Datagraphic

How to make the paperless office achievable

Whatever level of progress you've made towards using less paper, there is more you can do. Here are six ways to achieve a paperless office.
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SDO Vendor to watch - Datagraphic

Gartner: SDO Vendors to Watch

In a recent report ‘How SDO Vendors Can Engage Customers in a Digital World’, leading information technology research and advisory company, Gartner, outlines SDO organisations it considers key vendors.
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Email security - Datagraphic

Will email soon become obsolete?

Industry experts believe a new communication channel will replace email by 2020. Sound a bit extreme? Perhaps, but ask yourself how many emails do you send outside of the workplace?
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Make 2016 More MultiChannel

Organisations are changing their attitudes to multichannel documents. Here we discuss why 2016 is the year to disrupt traditional processes and take advantage of the digital revolution.
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