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Resource Hub – update

The Resource Hub is a place where you can download a variety of documents to help you sell our services. Here we discuss what will be available for Hybrid Mail.
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Evolution of communication

The Evolution of Communication

From the iPhone 6, to 3D printing, there is no lie that communication techniques are forever changing. Our infographic demonstrates these changes over time, but also begs the question as to how much has communication really evolved? The emoji not today's hieroglyphic?
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Resources Hub

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on our proposed Resource Hub. Here we discuss the resources that were of most interest to our Resellers and provide a sneaky peek of what to expect.
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The value of understanding what happens next

Industry experts suggest it costs on average £1.11 to print and mail a standard A4 document. Here we explore how to add more value to your customers’ documents, and increase your share of their document spend, by asking key questions.
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Digital Day 2014

The beginning of August, the Office for National statistics celebrated their first Digital day by publishing a variety of statistics on internet access in 2013 and 2014. Here we pick out the most interesting and discuss their relevance.
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Why print still matters in a digital world

Tempted to cut ties with paper communications and only present documents online? Here we look at why print still needs a place in an increasingly digital world.
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Should Data Security Threats Hold Back its Potential?

There have been numerous articles recently over the threat of data and the reliability of data security within the government and large organisations, including the NHS. Here we discuss whether those dangers should outweigh the potential benefits that data could bring to society.
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A statement’s style is nothing without substance

Can good design alone make a real impact on a customer statement? Our Marketing Director, Suzanne Beech, discusses the value of timely data, in addition to design, in the customer experience.
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Five Benefits to Cheque Imaging

We believe that there are many benefits to the introduction of cheque imaging for both the bank and the consumer. Here we list what we reckon to be five of the most important...
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