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Cheque Imaging – It’s on its way

Cheque imaging is coming. Cashing in a cheque by scanning it in with your smartphone. Are you and your business prepared for this new innovation?
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They came, they walked, they conquered

Back in September 2013, 6 Datagraphic employees signed up to go on a 40 mile trek following the Rutland Round path, whilst raising money for Action Medical Research for Children.
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Personalised data

Stop Calling me Diana!

The misuse of personalised data isn't just a simple mistake, it travels much deeper. Read our article into how data can make or break your brand.
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Pulling epayslips

In this, the second part of our article examining Push and Pull techniques used to communicate pay, we explore the pros and cons of Pull epayslip services. Last month, we looked at the benefits and disadvantages of using Push epayslip services to communicate pay with employees. In this article we conclude with a more detailed […]
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QR codes for employee communications

Mobiles are becoming a preferred way for adults to consume information. Here we share one low cost way for payroll, HR, pension and reward teams to provide more content for employees: the humble QR code. For many working adults the pace of life is hectic. We have limited time to consume information and are opting to […]
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Should you push or pull epayslips

In the first of a two part article, we examine the Push and Pull techniques used to communicate pay and explore the pros and cons of Push services. There’s a plethora of epayslip services now available, from integrated modules in self-service packages to third-party add-ons for existing payroll systems. All differ slightly in their service […]
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8 reasons against emailing payslips

Eight reasons why you shouldn't email payslips to employees. It's important for organisations to review the way they deliver epayslips.
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