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Boost staff morale with Hybrid Mail

In a world where we’re all striving to balance busy working and personal lives, employers that prioritise employee wellbeing are finding it easier to attract and retain new talent. But the ripple effect extends beyond recruitment and retention.
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Harness the power of the homeworking revolution

Homeworking is a powerful force that benefits employees, employers and the wider community. Realising its full potential depends on employers providing the technology and structures necessary to ensure employees work effectively and efficiently.
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Datagraphic sponsor the CIPP’s future of payroll report 2019

We are pleased to support the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP) Future of Payroll research survey report 2019.
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Itemised payslips for all: Employment Rights Act 1996 (Amendment)

From April 2019, a change in UK legislation brings hourly paid workers (paid by reference to time) more detail to their itemised pay statement (payslip).
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Datagraphic acquires NEC Security Forms Limited

Datagraphic is pleased to have reached an agreement to acquire the business of NEC Security Forms from 2nd January 2019.
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Digital Transformation trends - Aceni

Digital Transformation Trends

How ready are UK organisations to embark on this Digital Transformation journey? Explore the current state of UK Digital Transformation by watching our latest trends video.
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The Future of Payroll: How the profession can evolve

Analyst, communicator, reward and well-being partner: will these roles define the payroll team of the future? Or will payroll leave traditional operational tasks to automation tools and focus more on strategic and human roles?
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Automating Document Control

Whether documents are generated by multiple legacy systems, or through individual users and departments, the lack of document control is not just compromising customer experience, it’s risking data security and profitability.
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Aceni Success Stories - Superheroes

Aceni Success Stories

In organisations across the UK, unsung heroes are transforming time-critical communications with Aceni applications by Datagraphic.
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