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Hybrid Mail Envelopes - Datagraphic

What is Hybrid Mail?

Your in-house printing and postage costs are rising. Control costs, improve quality and efficiency with Datagraphic's Hybrid Mail.
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Document Tracking from Datagraphic

Document Tracking: Who’s engaging with your documents?

Document Tracking: Are your important communications reaching their destination? The document tracking feature of View My Doc makes tracking a reality.
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Paperless with Datagraphic

How to make the paperless office achievable

Whatever level of progress you've made towards using less paper, there is more you can do. Here are six ways to achieve a paperless office.
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Online Payslips

Online Payslips. The Way We Communicate Pay Today

Workplaces are evolving. Technology now influences almost every job role and online payslips are fast becoming the standard way to communicate pay.
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The Decline of the Desktop Printer: why have we fallen out of love with the desktop printer and what should your company be using instead?

Traditional desktop printers have long been an office essential. However, as the number of employees working remotely rises and questions are raised about future investments in bulky hardware, is it any surprise we’re seeing the decline of the desktop printer?
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Print on Demand - keeping up with digital

Print on Demand: Keeping Pace with Digital

The mass expansion in digital communication has resulted in pressure on the print medium to respond with the same speed and precision.
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Email attachments risks

Email attachments – 4 risky reasons why you shouldn’t be sending attachments on emails

Read our four reasons why you should think twice about sending email attachments.
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Engage - improving the document management process

Improving your Document Management Process

Documents created in volume, by teams, can result in a document management process that lacks control and personalisation: impacting customer experience.
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Data protection - GDPR - Datagraphic

Are you GDPR ready?

Are you GDPR ready? GDPR comes into force 25th May 2018. Learn how Datagraphic can help you become compliant and get access to three great resources.
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