Datagraphic sponsor the CIPP’s future of payroll report 2019

Datagraphic sponsor the CIPP’s future of payroll report 2019

We're pleased to support the CIPP's future of payroll report 2019


Now in its second year, the future of payroll report delves further into industry trends and advancements in technology which could impact on the future of the profession.

This survey explores industry developments to provide payroll professionals with some 'food for thought' regarding what the future may look like, as well as how they can start to think about new developments which may lead to a more strategic role within their organisation.

Access the future of payroll report here.

The future of payroll

We've worked with the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP) for over a decade and are pleased to support them in their research on the future of payroll.

Payroll is such as vital function but, as this report confirms, a small team of people or an individual often undertake the work. For the profession to evolve - to deliver more strategic value - the use of technology and automation tools is essential: to free time and 'mind-space' from operational tasks.

The report covers an array of topics including:

  • Issues facing your payroll department now
  • Blockchain and pay on demand
  • Payroll: is it a strategic or operational function?
  • Payroll systems, software and analytics
  • Payslip distribution

The report, Future of payroll research survey report 2019, is available to read now.

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