Validating Your Vendor White Paper

Validating your vendor - Aceni

Validating your vendor: white paper

Sharing personal data with a third-party supplier for data processing? Read this white paper for help assessing the data security credentials of your vendor.

Topics covered:

  • Who will be processing the data: third-party Sub-Processors
  • How are staff handling personal data trained?
  • How will the risks from cyber-attacks be reduced?
  • How will data be securely transferred?
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, what's plan B?
  • What will happen to the confidential data when processing ends?
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Don't have time to read the white paper?

Datagraphic's Chief Information Security Officer -  Mike Green - summarises, in a series of 60 second videos, some core questions to ask your vendor when assessing their data security credentials.