Our Security

Our Security

Taking care of your sensitive and financial communications is a serious responsibility. It's our intention to be the most security minded print and technology partner you'll meet.

Security overview

We receive billions of data bytes and generate millions of sensitive and financial documents each year.

Data security is intrinsic to everything we do and the strictest internal systems and procedures are in place to keep the files you entrust to us safe.

Our rule of three

1. Confidentiality

Our regularly audited measures and controls mean we keep your information strictly confidential. You trust us with your data and that’s why we will never share it with 3rd parties.

2. Integrity

The accuracy and completeness of your information is important to us. We regularly carry out penetration testing and security reviews of our networks and services. Why? To ensure the integrity of all your communications.

3. Availability

Our infrastructure is tough; our systems backed-up and replicated. Our business continuity and disaster recovery solutions make sure our systems remain available in the rare event of both small and large scale problems.

Data security - ISO27001 certified

The main standard for Information Security, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data.

Certificate number 2992
ISO27001: 2013

ISOQAR LOGO - Datagraphic

Data integrity - Mailcare

Mailcare is a mail validation system established by Datagraphic. It protects and verifies all your sensitive communications.

Applied to all outgoing mail, the system ensures your documents are sent to the right person, on the right stationery, that there are no duplicates and that all expected content is included.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

We double up on print equipment to ensure nothing stops your project from running smoothly. Any data you send is processed and stored on secure servers and off-site disaster recovery systems are in place to keep business-as-usual, come rain or shine.


Datagraphic server

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